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    NVME SSD 3.1 USB has broken partition


    ok this is the first great wall we are facing, working towards having a proper SSD NVME drive installed is not easy as it seems, we have to set proper partition and also install it properly so it can read and write, so, this is why sometimes the radio is getting weird like slow time broadcasting while its still connected, the sound seems not stable so we are working towards fixing this too, and that is why when we broadcast directly, without the transcoder, it runs fine! all live broadcasts are beeing broadcasted directly, just so you know and get Online on Friday Nights at PsyBrazil you got it covered, you got it assured. so yeah, lets continue setting up the 3.1 USB External drive on the main website with the proper tunes to be broadcasted live, only new tunes will follow, I've lost 450gb of data so we learned how to stand still and have patience when trying to fix such an almost impossible task like recovering that data did not work luckly I still got some backups on older HDDs that still function properly. thank you for your comprehension!